Thank You Arizona Work Mission Group


Thank you to the College United Methodist Church(CUMC) Arizona Work Mission Group for donating their time to fixing up our outdoor dog playpens!

We were contacted by the CUMC back in May, telling us about their yearly trips to the area for a work mission. They work with various non-profits through the county and they were wondering if we could use some extra hands during the second week of July. After a tour, the projects and dates were set!

This dedicated group of volunteers spent Monday fixing holes in fencing and adding support beams to the top of a dog run. Over the years, our fencing has acquired wear and tear from the dogs. The Arizona Work Mission group added new fencing to cover the holes and created an amazing support system to hold up the shade tarp on the outdoor dog play yard.

We are very thankful for their hard work and dedication and cannot thank them enough for all of their help.

If you are a group who wishes to volunteer their time to the shelter, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Amanda Volden for more information on projects and volunteer opportunities. You can contact her by phone at (805)646-6505x110 or by email at [email protected]

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