Tammy's Pups Are Growing Up Fast!


Three year old Pumi mix Tammy gave birth to 7 beautiful pups on December 18th. They are growing up fast and their personalities are starting to show through!

Thank you to everyone who has shown so much interest in Tammy's puppies! All seven are doing well and just celebrated 6 weeks since they came into this world. Please note that the puppies will not be available for a few more weeks at which time we will take applications and the public will have the chance to interact with them. It is extremely important that puppies stay with their mothers and litter mates until they are at least 8 weeks old. Animals who are taken away from their mothers and siblings before 8 weeks of age often show sign of anxiety, are not as social with other dogs, and have increased difficulty acclimating to other environments.

In the meantime we have moved Carrie, Luke, Taylor, Loretta, Wynona, Chris, Kenny, and Tammy into the kitten area so that the public can view them and enjoy all their puppy antics!



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