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On May 4th, Humane Officers Vail and Winwood responded to a call they had received in regards to four young goats who needed help. The four goats, who were less then one week old, were underweight and the two mothers were not caring for them. The Officers were able to speak with the goats now previous owners, and all parties involved agreed it was in the young goats best interest to sign them over to the Humane Society of Ventura County to be placed into new homes as quickly as possible. 

When the goats arrived at the shelter, staff was prepared and immediately began bottle feeding these hungry youngsters. All four took right to the bottle and in no time were "kidding" around in their pen. Medical care was provided by Matilija Veterinary in Ojai. When it was decided the goats were in the clear, the Officers contacted one of our regular community partners, and this afternoon all four goats will be placed into a loving new home with the experience to care for them. The two mother goats are in good shape and Officers will continue to check in on the family. 

Besides enforcing California’s anti-cruelty and anti-neglect laws, Humane Officers serve our community by educating the public about responsible pet ownership and assist those who may not have the resources at their disposal to properly take care of an animal. Often times the animals are signed over so that they can receive the necessary care and find a home that best fits their needs. Each month Officers may assist hundreds of animals and people, making a positive impact on our community by ensuring that our most vulnerable creatures get the help they need. This public service is funded entirely by donations and their ability to serve the community is directly linked to the support we receive from the community. 

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