Summer Wish List


It's been a hot summer out here in Ojai. When it reaches over one hundred degrees it can be challenging to find ways to keep everyone cool here at the shelter. Fortunately we have the support of our amazing community who recently responded to a call out for help by gifting the shelter and our animals with supplies to get us through these hot summer months. 

Some of the items we received include pressure activated cooling gel pads for the animals to lay on, cooling towels for the staff and volunteers, a portable ice maker for the kennels, and dog sunblock for our light skinned pups. Thank you to everyone who donated these much needed items to the shelter. We are always humbled by the support we receive from the community not just during our times of need, but assistance in the day to day.

Running an animal shelter is hard work, especially for our kennel staff and dedicated volunteers who spend much of their time here outdoors. Doing this hard work in one hundred degree weather is even more demanding, however our staff and volunteers show up everyday to care for the animals who call the shelter home. If you would like to make a donation to the Humane Society of Ventura County we have created a Summer Wish List of items we are in immediate need of. Thank you! 

CLICK HERE to view our Summer Wish List on Amazon

CLICK HERE to view our Wish List of everyday needs on Amazon 


Kiddie Pools

Large Industrial  Fans

Sunscreen for people and animals


Cooling Towels

2 Cordless Vacuums


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