Summer Camp 2016 - Registration Now Open!


If you are in search of quality activities for your kids during summer break and have a child passionate about animals then this may be the answer for you! An array of topics will be covered and each camp includes hands on work with shelter animals as well as information about animals in the wild, both locally and around the world.


5 Day camps are $135 (10:00-2:30pm)

5 Day teen camp $150 (10:00-3:00pm)

3 Day junior camps are $80 (10:00-1:00pm)


This fun service and learning camp includes:

* hands on time with animals at the shelter

* several art or craft projects

* animal training and socialization

* learn about wild animals in our community

* meet and learn about animals from around the world

* make a difference in the lives of homeless or rescued animals

* learn about careers dealing with animals

* a camp T-shirt will be provided

* snacks and drinks

* and more!!!!


Jr. Camp #1   June 14th- 16th 3 Days Tu.-Th. (10:00 am - 1:00 pm) Camp for ages 7-9 years. Topic: ALL ANIMALS $80

A 3 day camp that focuses on being safe with dogs and cats at the shelter and learning about all kinds of animals kept as pets. We will talk about animal care and proper ways to play with them.  We will make homes, toys or feeders for wild animals around our homes and the shelter, and create posters about keeping animals safe. This is a good introduction camp on learning how to help animals and how to become a responsible pet caretaker.


Camp #2    June 20th-24th Mon.-Fri. Camp for 9-12 years

(10:00 am-2:30 pm) Topic: Local animals and ecosystems $135

This week’s camp will focus on our local wildlife and ecosystems. Campers will learn about animals in our backyards and help socialize and train dogs and cats at the shelter.  Projects will include making dog and cat toys and creating shelters and feeders for our backyard visitors and at the shelter.


Jr. Camp #3   June 28th-June 30th 3 Days Tu.-Th.

(10:00 am - 1:00 pm) Camp for ages 7-9 years.

Topic: ALL ANIMALS $80 same as above Jr. Camp #1


Teen Camp #4   July 11th-15th Mon.-Fri. Camp for 12-15 years

 (10:00 am-3:00 pm)

You must have participated in our Junior camp at least once or have special permission from camp director to attend! $150

This is the camp for tweens and teens that is focused on discussion and debates on controversial animal issues, careers with animals, diseases, and their physiology. We will discuss animal rights, animal testing, the food trade, and using animals in clothing, etc. We will also discuss animal abuse, cruelty, and neglect in depth. We will work with some of the cats and dogs at the shelter as usual, but we will focus on some of our shyer and difficult animals. Projects for this camp will include beautifying the shelter grounds, and making political posters. This camp is for those who are interested in careers with animals.


Jr. Camp #5   July 18th-July 20th 3 Days Mon.-Wed.

(10:00 am - 1:00 pm) Camp for ages 7-9 years.

Topic: ALL ANIMALS $80 same as above Jr. Camp #1


Camp #6    July 25th-29th Camp for 9-12 years  (10:00 am-2:30 pm)

Topic: Rainforest, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle $135

This is a good camp for those interested in preserving the planet for all plants and animals. We will discuss leaving as small of a footprint as possible on Earth and make paper from junk mail. A few animals from around the world will visit. A project for this camp will be making environmental and nature arts and crafts. We will work with cats and dogs as usual at the shelter on behavior, socialization, and obedience training.


 Camp #7  Aug. 8th-12th Camp for 9-12 years

(10:00 am-2:30 pm)Topic: Creepy, Crawly, and Cool 

If you like the creepy crawlies or are not afraid of things that slither this is the camp for you! This week’s camp will focus on unusual animals that have adaptations to survive in extreme environments. We will work with dogs and cats at the shelter like in our other camps, but a different critter will join us at camp every day that is creepy, crawly or cool. We will also make some projects in likeness of some of the critters. 

*To sign up for camp, get a printed registration form and flyer at our shelter or email our Humane Educator Dawn Reily at [email protected] for a digital copy or more information. 

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