Maggie (another unclaimed stray) stole our hearts! She spent every day up in the Administration building in her comfy bed by the fireplace. We needed to keep a close eye on her because she was very overweight at 96 pounds and we wanted to be sure she was healthy before putting her up for adoption.

She had numerous blood tests and visits to the Veterinarian. She was put on a diet and to date has lost 13 pounds! Her favorite snack is green beans which helped with her weight loss. We saw so much improvement - she was able to walk around better and started to play with toys. She followed us around - especially to the kitchen. We could tell she was feeling much better!

Rosadio and Stephen recently lost their dog due to old age. They looked at our dogs and fell in love with Maggie. They visited her frequently during the last several weeks and we have great news.....they adopted our dear Maggie on Saturday! We are all going to miss her but we are so happy that she has a home of her own!

Update!! Stephen came in today to let us know that Maggie is trying to trick him into feeding her table scraps  and also that she loves Mr. Brown, their cat. She's been giving him kisses and the cat doesn't seem to mind at all!

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