Success Stories - LJ Gets Adopted!


We had a very special adoption last week! Handsome LJ arrived at the shelter only days old with three other siblings-all weak and barely hanging on to life. The kittens went into foster immediately and kennel attendant, Cory, took LJ under her wing. Sadly out of the four kittens LJ would be the only one to survive.

Cory would bring LJ to work with her every day to care for him and back home at night, for two months he never left her side. When LJ was strong enough he began interacting with other cats, but after losing his mother and siblings at such a young age it was difficult at first for him to adjust. Just another reason why LJ's adoption is so special to all of us. On August 3rd, not only LJ but his friend Jasper as well, a beautiful 11 month old silver tabby, were both adopted out together!

Here at the HSVC we are so fortunate to have such dedicated staff. Caring for these animals is more then just a job-but a huge part of their lives. A very special thank you to Cory for all her hard work and making sure that little LJ got a chance at a new life!



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