Success Stories - A Loving Home For Paloma!


In the last few weeks you may have noticed a handful of really handsome Border Collie puppies finding their forever homes. Well, now you know where they all got their good looks from! Paloma was rescued in the field at the end of July by our Humane Officers along with 8 puppies less then a week old. 

Paloma raised her puppies here at the shelter and yesterday, with motherhood behind her, she went off to a forever home all of her very own! Paloma now has ten acres of land with goats and other animals so she can herd her little heart out. Thank you to Amanda for adopting this beautiful girl!

Humane Officers of Ventura County are headquartered at the Humane Society of Ventura County in Ojai where cases of animal neglect and abuse throughout the county are investigated. Paloma and her puppies are just one example of the type of rescue work that our Humane Officer's do throughout the county of Ventura.

You can help us save animals from abuse and neglect. If you witness or suspect any instances of abuse or neglect in the Ventura County area please notify our investigators at (805) 656-5031 or 646-6505. All information is kept confidential.

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