Success Stories

  • Olive is Living Happily Ever After!

    Posted by · April 05, 2021 10:44 AM · 1 reaction

    Two months post-adoption and Olive, formerly Pattycake, is loving life in her furever home with Cassidy! This adorable girl came to the HSVC as stray in early February to find a new home. With a friendly face and affectionate personality, it’s no secret why her new mama Cassidy fell in love with the sweet cat.

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  • Meehu the TikTok Star

    Posted by · March 29, 2021 4:17 PM · 1 reaction

    Sweet and fluffy Meehu was adopted from the HSVC in May of 2015. According to her mama, Amulya, she fell in love with the Meehu the moment she lifted the dog up and instantly received a thousand puppy kisses. Amulya knew she had found her perfect match and adventure companion for life!

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  • Charlie the Snow Pup

    Posted by · March 22, 2021 11:44 AM · 1 reaction

    There's snow place like home for Charlie! Formerly Hunter, this adorable Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix has been living it up as a snow pup since finding his furever home with Jill. 

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  • HSVC Alum Max is Loving Life in Germany!

    Posted by · March 16, 2021 11:00 AM

    Max, formerly Gordon, was first brought to the HSVC as a puppy back in October of 2016 after being rescued in the field by our Humane Officers during a neglect case. Despite his difficult upbringing, Max had a playful spirit and friendly personality, not to mention his stunning good looks! It was those handsome looks that first attracted his future owners, Nathalie and Thomas, to the sweet pup.

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  • Quirky Karma Finds Her Family

    Posted by · March 08, 2021 10:30 AM · 1 reaction

    Karma, formerly Daisy, was transferred to the HSVC through our rescue partners in early March of 2020. The 4-year-old German Shepherd mix quickly caught the eye of Kara and her family with her gorgeous looks and quirky personality. They adopted Karma on March 14th, 2020, just days before we were forced to close our doors due to COVID-19. 

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  • A Furever Home for Benji

    Posted by · March 01, 2021 11:04 AM · 1 reaction

    Benji may have had a rough start to his life, but he is finally getting the love and attention he deserves in his furever home! This handsome guy was one of ten cats rescued in the field by Humane Officers during a hoarding case in early September of 2020. After noticing Benji was having a difficult time adjusting to life at the shelter, HSVC Assistant Kennel Manager Victor decided to foster the shy kitty. We are happy to report Benji recently became our newest "foster fail" after he was formally adopted by Victor and Nicole! 

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  • Bueno is Doing Bueno!

    Posted by · February 22, 2021 10:14 AM · 1 reaction

    Bueno is doing bueno in his forever home with Bill and Dawn! One-year-old Bueno, formerly Jeremiah, was one of the many Chihuahua mixes transferred to our shelter in mid-October of 2020 as part of a dog hoarding case in Santa Barbara County. Dawn and Bill's previous dog, also adopted from the HSVC, had recently passed and the couple was longing to have another dog in their house. After seeing Bueno's photo online, Bill and Dawn knew they had to come in and meet the sweet pup. They adopted Bueno on November 5th, 2020, and the trio has been enjoying life together ever since!

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  • Christina Won the Lotto with Otto!

    Posted by · February 15, 2021 10:36 AM · 1 reaction

    HSVC Veterinary Assistant Christina won the cat lotto when she adopted sweet Otto! Five-year-old Otto came to the shelter with his littermates in October of 2014 to find new homes. According to Christina, the handsome orange tabby would always put his paw out for her to pet him every time she walked by. It didn't take long for Christina to know Otto was the kitty for her! 

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  • Challenging Chase is Now Thriving in his Forever Home!

    Posted by · February 08, 2021 10:13 AM · 1 reaction

    Chase spent six months in our shelter, and now he’s spent six months out in his forever home! Five-year-old Chase was transferred to the HSVC through our rescue partners in mid-January of 2020. His large size and anxious personality made it challenging to find him a forever home. However, it seems Chase knew his perfect match was out there, and in August of 2020, he found it with Matt! The gorgeous Border Collie has been living the good life with Matt and his family ever since.

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  • Fate brought Vaya to Her Forever Family!

    Posted by · February 01, 2021 3:09 PM · 1 reaction

    Vaya came to the HSVC through our rescue partners in early April of 2019 to find a new home. Formerly Sundae, the friendly German Shepherd mix quickly became a staff and volunteer favorite. Dave and his family visited our shelter hoping to find a loving dog to make a part of their family. A fateful encounter led them to Vaya, and they have been living happily ever after together ever since!

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