Success Stories


    Posted by · July 07, 2015 12:07 PM



    We have good news! Long term shelter resident Astro has gone to his forever home! At the time of adoption Astro was our longest term dog resident at 9 months. Astro came to the shelter last year with little to no training. As sweet as he was he was still a big project for staff and volunteers. 


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  • A New Life For Kelli

    Posted by · June 23, 2015 5:30 AM


    Kelli, a Border Collie puppy, was surrendered to our Shelter in early April when she was eight months old. Most Border Collies do not do well in Shelters and it was immediately apparent that she had some serious behavior issues. She was put into foster care with one of our Humane Society staff for observation and assessment.

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  • Good Luck Mr. Whiskers!

    Posted by · June 12, 2015 4:42 PM


    Hooray for Mr. Whiskers!!

    It was a very sad day in February when a family came in having to give up their beloved cat. They were devastated (it was a severe health issue of the family members). They had tons of kitty things for him, brushes, cat poles, food, toys and a leash and harness. He was a little chubby and had quite the personality, obviously a very well loved little man!  

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    Posted by · June 02, 2015 5:30 AM


    This adorable girl came to us as a lost dog back in early March. She was almost full term pregnant and so sweet we named her Jujubee! On March 10th she gave birth to six beautiful puppies all with candy names like their mom; Sugar B, Heath, Sour Patch, Snickers, Violet & Skittles. They grew up fast and before we knew it they all had found their forever homes and only Jujubee was left. 

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  • A New Family for Hobie!

    Posted by · May 26, 2015 5:30 AM


    This adorable Australian Shepherd was brought to the shelter under protective custody due to some unfortunate circumstances with his family. He was eventually surrendered to the shelter and not long after found his new forever home. Joshua and Kathryn came to the shelter with their dog Dash after losing their Border Collie (and Dash's best friend). Dash was lonely and needed someone to pal around with. Hobie was a great match for this awesome family!

  • Za Za and Chloe - Home Together!

    Posted by · May 16, 2015 4:30 PM


    Chloe and Zaza came to the shelter from separate homes but found their FUR-ever home together with a wonderful family on May 9th. Zaza’s people moved away and left her behind so she was brought to the shelter back in February. The staff here instantly fell in love with her unique look.

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    Posted by · May 02, 2015 4:04 PM


    Ava was adopted last Saturday by Greg, Suzette and their dog Bruin! They were looking for a long time - what seemed forever to them - to find a Samoyed friend for Bruin when they saw Ava on our website. It was a team effort to make this adoption happen since they live in Orange County! Willow, one of our adoption counselors, was able to coordinate the approval of this family through Samoyed Rescue of Southern California!


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    Posted by · April 28, 2015 11:20 AM


    Congratulations to Jilly! Last week we had a celebration, complete with cake, for Jilly's big day! Jilly's adoption was finalized last week.  Doesn't she look cute all dressed up with her pink bows? Tom and Jane have been fostering her for almost a month and decided that it was a good match with their Doxie, Jack, who has warmed up to her nicely! Jilly came in as a stray, horribly matted, and it's hard to believe that this is the same dog!

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  • A New Life for Trinity!

    Posted by · April 17, 2015 11:21 AM


    We are happy to let you know that Trinity, one of the horses brought in last September by our Humane Officers went home this morning! Thank you to Tony Shad for adopting a horse with a background of neglect. We know she will be well taken care of and have the life she deserves on your ranch!

  • Kona Goes Home!

    Posted by · April 14, 2015 5:42 PM


    We are happy to let you know that Kona was adopted yesterday by Allison and kids Elizabeth and Liam. For those who don't know Kona's story....She was originally adopted from us as a puppy back in 2009. She was dropped off with another dog last November when their owner moved away

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