Staff Pick - Madeline


The honor of Staff Pick this week goes to Madeline, a 19 year old quarter horse. Christina Malleck, our HSVC Veterinary Assistant who pulls double duty as an Equine Specialist, has worked with Madeline since her arrival in September of last year.

“Madeline is one of my favorite animals at the Shelter because she is so sweet, caring and easy going. Whenever I am down, she has a way to make me smile,” said Christina. “We had a group of disabled people touring the Shelter visiting the animals. Madeline was great with them, showing no hesitation when they reached out to pet her,” continued Christina. Overall, she believes that Madeline would make a great addition to any home that is looking for a loving horse.

Madeline is trainable and has a good disposition. She’s lived comfortably with the six other horses here at the Shelter but is ready for her new forever home. Stop by the Shelter and ask a staff person to see Madeline in person. You will fall in love with her as quick as we did here at the HSVC.

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