Staff Pick - Cally the Cat!


Sweet Cally is currently our longest cat resident, first arriving at the shelter in September 2016, and has lived comfortably in our adult cat room ever since.

Volunteer Coordinator Amanda Volden officially started at the shelter just a few weeks before and has had a special bond with Cally ever since. Amnda commented, “Even though she has been with us for a year and a half, Cally is still an energetic, friendly, and playful cat. She enjoys having your attention and is so much fun to be around when she is chasing after the cat toys!”.
According to her previous owners, Cally needs lots of playtime! She is already litter box trained and is fine with most men and women. Cally has a lot of personality and like many cats, can be a bit picky when when she wants to be handled. If you are interested in this beauty she is easy to spot with her gorgeous mane and green eyes!

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