Executive Director: Eric Knight

Eric Knight








Shelter Director: Jolene Hoffman

A.JOLENE.LIGHT.jpgJolene Hoffman came to the Humane Society as a volunteer when the shelter opened in 1982 and worked her way up to becoming the shelter director in 1985 and has remained in that position to date.

Jolene is dedicated to overseeing all shelter staff and animals. She councils the public and performs euthanasia for the public’s animals when they are suffering. She also works during all major disasters such as fires, floods, and earthquakes to assist with animal rescues.

When Jolene began volunteering in 1982, she felt that she had found her purpose. She loves coming to work with like-minded people who are all here for the same reason. Jolene knows the humane society is a safe place for the animals of Ventura County. Jolene says it is her job, along with the rest of the staff, to rehome pets by placing these special creatures in their forever homes. She strongly believes the key to ending suffering for all animals is education, spaying, and neutering. To contact Jolene, please email [email protected] or call 805-646-6505 x.109.

Assistant Shelter Director: Arlene MacSween

arlene.puppy.profile.jpgArlene MacSween started at the Humane Society of Ventura County in 2002 as Office Manager. In 2014 she was promoted to Assistant Shelter Director.

She oversees all office staff to ensure that all customers and residents are treated with compassion.

In addition, Arlene works hard to partner people with the right animals. She counsels new adopters, prospective adopters and provides support for those who have recently lost a pet. She also brings in animals that can no longer be cared for and provides support for both the animal and the owner.

Because of her outstanding leadership qualities, she was promoted to Assistant Shelter Director, where her skills could be used to help the Shelter Director in many areas around the shelter.

Here at the Humane Society, we are lucky to have an individual that cares so deeply for both people and animals. She listens, understands, and works to help all. To contact Arlene, please email [email protected] call 805-646-6505 x.101.

Director of Veterinary Services: Dr. Christina Sisk


On March 1st, 2019, the Humane Society of Ventura County welcomed Dr. Christina Sisk to the team as the new Director of Veterinary Services. Dr. Sisk will oversee our spay and neuter clinic as well as the health and wellbeing of all animals in our care.

Dr. Sisk, a native of McHenry, Illinois, completed her undergraduate degree in Animal Sciences in 2000 from the University of Illinois and Veterinary School at the University of Illinois in 2004. Following Veterinary School, Dr. Sisk worked in private practice outside of Chicago for seven years. During this time she started doing relief work for a large shelter doing spay and neuter surgeries and shelter medicine and found that she enjoyed working in shelters and wanted to pursue her career in that direction. From 2011 until February of 2019, Dr. Sisk worked at the Santa Barbara Humane Society as their Director of Veterinary Services, serving the shelter and community with outstanding results.

Research has continuously shown that areas with strong spay and neuter programs, along with community support, have dramatically reduced shelter populations. Dr. Sisk will be working towards increasing the spay and neuter capacity at the Humane Society of Ventura County so that we can better serve the needs of our community.

When Dr. Sisk is not helping to improve the lives of animals in need, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. Dr. Sisk has two rescue animals of her own, a dog adorably named Chester Copperpot, and a one-eyed rescue cat named Rammers.

To contact Dr. Sisk, please email [email protected]


Director of Investigations: Jeff Hoffman


Since 1983, Robert Jeff Hoffman has been an integral part of animal rescue throughout Ventura County. Hoffman’s training includes a certificate as a canine behavior specialist and has attended the HumaneOfficer training academy and advanced Officer Academy, 832 PC search, seizure, firearm and arrest, livestock training, animal hoarding, dog and cockfighting training, and numerous other training throughout the years.

As Director of Investigations, Hoffman investigates cruelty and neglect throughout Ventura County. If a case is found to be severe then he will prepare cases for the District Attorney’s office for review. And if there is enough evidence they will prosecute. In the many years at HSVC Humane Officers have investigated Circuses, rodeos, and the very disturbing animal crushing videos. Animal abuse comes in many forms. And Humane Officers are the ones called to investigate. Hoffman has written numerous articles for the Ojai Valley News and wrote a story called “Kept Chained Life and Death of an Untrained Dog” which was published around the world.

Hoffman retired from the Humane Society of Ventura County in 2012 and returned in 2014. Hoffman says “Working for the HSVC is a great experience and it has enabled me to continue to assist our Officers in this valuable work”.  

J. Hoffman can be contacted at [email protected] or call 805-646-6505 x 105. 


Senior Humane Officer: K. King


K. King joined the Humane Society staff in January of 2014 as an adoption counselor. As a lifelong animal lover, King knew that a career in animal welfare was for her. After studying anthropology and criminal justice at Ventura College she began extensive training to become a humane officer, completing the Animal Law Enforcement Academy at the San Diego Humane in October 2015. In July 2016, King was officially sworn in by Judge Henry Walsh at the Ventura County Courthouse.

Since King was officially sworn in, she has completed numerous courses on California animal laws, investigation techniques, disaster response, and animal abuse and neglect. She completed the Advanced Animal Law Enforcement Academy at Marin Humane in 2018.

In March of 2020, King used her experience in disaster preparedness to form the Shelter’s first Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.), comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers. Now known as the HSVC ERT, this dedicated group of individuals provides support at the shelter during times of emergency. The HSVC ERT assists with animal intake and care at the shelter location. The group is comprised of 18 members who participate in ongoing training onsite.

King was recognized for her accomplishments and excellent leadership skills as a Humane Officer and promoted to Senior Humane Officer in June of 2021.

King is a Ventura County native, growing up horseback riding and surfing she is proud to serve as a voice for creatures that would otherwise have none, as well as helping the people within her community.

Humane Officer: J. Utter


Throughout her life, J. Utter has maintained a strong love for animals. At UC Santa Barbara, she emphasized her studies in human-wildlife relationships and graduated with a B.A. in Biological Anthropology in June of 2019.

Utter began her journey with the Humane Society of Ventura County (HSVC) as an Adoption Counselor in November of 2019. She was offered the chance to pursue her passion for animal welfare after exhibiting all the outstanding qualities necessary to become a Humane Officer. In October of 2020, Utter completed the San Diego Humane Society Basic Animal Law Enforcement Academy. Following extensive training and fulfillment of additional requirements, Utter was officially sworn into office in June of 2021 by Judge Henry Walsh at the Ventura County Courthouse.

Through compassion and education, Utter strives to forge strong relationships with the community of Ventura County and connect people and their pets with the vast resources and services that HSVC offers.

Office Manager: Betty Jo MacCaughtry

BettyJoM.jpgAfter a 25 year career in health care and human resources, Betty Jo thought it was the right time to start volunteering with the Humane Society. In January of 2012, she started as a volunteer. She then completed the animal ambassador program, hoping to fulfill her lifelong dream of helping animals.

When the opportunity arose to become an employee, that goal was achieved. As an adoption counselor, she can now help find homes for those lost, abandoned, and abused animals and hopefully connect them with their “forever homes.”

Here at the Humane Society, Betty Jo charges herself to the care of all of the animals of Ventura County and the people that care for them. She helps match people with the right animal and makes sure that all animals at the shelter are accounted for. She provides rescue numbers and referrals when needed and helps intake animals that can no longer be kept by their owners. In addition to all of this, she also manages the HSVC gift shop.

To contact Betty Jo, please email [email protected] call 805-646-6505 x 100.

Kennel Manager: Angela Hanline

f.angela.f.jpgAngela Hanline came to the Humane Society to use her skills and training to help the animals of Ventura County. She is a lifelong animal lover who from a young age was charged with helping sick animals. Here, she makes sure that all animals receive proper nutrition, have clean bedding, fresh water, and are bathed. She also assists in making sure that all animals receive proper veterinary care and medication.

Next time you come in to look to adopt a new family member be sure to say hello to Angela. She will be either upstairs or downstairs making sure that all of the animals are cared for.

To contact Angela, please email [email protected] call 805-646-6505.

Assistant Kennel Manager: Sadie Vick










Grant Associate: Ralph Saccomano


Ralph joined the staff at the Humane Society of Ventura County in 2015 as the grants associate. Previously, Ralph worked in the environmental industry writing grants and technical reports for a municipal government agency outside of Dallas, Texas. He earned his BA in Geography from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a graduate degree with an emphasis in nonprofit and government management.  

Ralph can be contacted at [email protected] or call 805-646-6505 x115.




Media & Marketing Coordinator: Amy King

Amy King joined the staff at the Humane Society of Ventura County in January of 2020. A Camarillo native, Amy spent the previous six years living in Tacoma, WA. She attended Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) where she graduated in 2017 with a BFA in Graphic Design and a Business Marketing minor. Amy was also a four-year member of the PLU softball team and has continued her post-college athletic career as a coach and mentor.

After relocating back to Southern California, Amy was searching for a career where she could pursue her interest in design, marketing, and desire to do good in her community. As a lifelong animal lover, Amy has always had a passion for animals and their wellbeing. In this position, Amy coordinates all aspects of branding, marketing, communication, and design for the shelter. She manages the shelter’s social media platforms to keep the public informed and updated with all things HSVC. Additionally, Amy produces content for our website, newsletter and local news partners. 

To contact Amy regarding any media and marketing inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 805-646-6505 x 119.

Humane Educator: Angie Chupek Sagliani 


Angie Chupek Sagliani is our new Humane Educator at the Humane Society of Ventura County. She recently moved her family from her  hometown of Los Angeles, where she was born and raised, to Ventura County. She has been in education for the past 10 years, working in  many different settings. This position is something that she was born to have.

Angie has always known two things, she wanted to work with animals and she wanted to dance. Angie graduated from college with a  theater/education degree and had plans to become a performing arts teacher. She interned and later became one of the teaching artists at  The Unusual Suspects Theater Company in Los Angeles. From there she worked in summer camp settings, private tutoring, after school  programs and then became an upper elementary teacher. After leaving Los Angeles, she came closer to her dream than ever before. The  stars aligned when she moved Ventura County and landed the role of a life time, a Humane Educator.

She plans on bringing a “sparkle” to the Humane Society’s curriculum by adding more theatrics and dance. She also plans to use movement  to help students learn about empathy and how to be more kind to all living beings.

Please contact Angie at [email protected] or (805) 364-1350 for more information or to schedule a visit.

Volunteer Coordinator: Sarah Fraza


Sarah joined the Humane Society of Ventura County staff in September of 2021 as a Kennel Attendant and Adoption Counselor before becoming the Volunteer Coordinator in November 2021. Prior to joining the team, Sarah spent three years as a Wildland Firefighter in California after moving here from Hawaii. Originally from Rhode Island, Sarah received her bachelor’s degree from Providence College in 2016. A lifelong advocate for animals, Sarah is excited to work at a compassionate care shelter and further expand the impact we have in our community. In her free time, Sarah enjoys going on hikes with her rescue dog, Klaus, rock climbing with friends, and long-distance trail running.

To contact Sarah regarding volunteering with the Humane Society of Ventura County, please email [email protected] or call 805-646-6505 ext. 110.

Community Outreach Coordinator: Steve McCurry


Steve McCurry, joined the HSVC team in November of 2021 as our Community Outreach Coordinator. As a part of the Outreach team, he works daily to make sure the great work of HSVC continues. His goal is to ensure the animal welfare issues we face as a community are alleviated and that the organization's impact is communicated.

A long-time Ventura County resident, Steve completed his undergraduate degree in Graphic Communication from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He has held various positions in the Sales and Marketing field. He currently has three rescue pups Vince, Sweet Pea, and Ruby.

As an animal lover and HSVC alumni, Steve hopes to increase awareness of animal welfare issues and partner with like-minded organizations. McCurry says “Working for HSVC is a great opportunity to make an impact on the people and animals of Ventura County.”

Please say hello to Steve next time you visit the Shelter. To donate, partner, or sponsor HSVC or any of its programs, please reach Steve at [email protected] or call 805-910-6240.

Registered Veterinary Technician: Megan Smart









Veterinary Assistant: Christina Malleck

staff.christina.jpgChristina joined the staff at the Humane Society of Ventura County in 2014 as a kennel attendant before becoming our newest veterinarian assistant in the summer of 2016. Christina assists the veterinarian during surgery, advises the public on the importance of spaying and neutering, and assures that all animals in the clinic are well cared for. Christina has been around horses and other animals all her life. Christina continues to work hard to further her animal-related career by learning all aspects of the shelter. 

For information on spaying and neutering your pet please call Christina at 646-6505.


Veterinary Assistant / Kennel Attendant: Natalie Pagnusat


Natalie began working at the Humane Society of Ventura County at the beginning of Summer 2017. Besides her pets at home, Natalie has always been interested in caring for animals and recently obtained a certificate as a certified veterinary assistant.

Natalie is currently attending courses to become a veterinarian and is looking forward to attending University in the Fall of 2020. Here at the Shelter she works one on one with the animals and ensures that their stay with us is a positive experience. Next time you get ready to adopt a new family member, Natalie will be more than happy to help you with her vast knowledge of the animals in our care. 


Adoption Counselor: Sue Siebenthal

sue.2.jpgSue Siebenthal joined the staff as an Adoption Counselor in January of 2018. Sue brings with her many years of experience working with the public and a passion for animals. She was born and raised in Hollywood and after 40 years working in retail and customer service is happy to be back to her first love, working with animals. In 2015, Sue began volunteering at the shelter, and in 2017 she worked her way up to Animal Ambassador before becoming an official staff member. Sue works diligently to match animals with the right families and says that her favorite part of working as an Adoption Counselor is "seeing an animal go home". 



Adoption Counselor: Judy Robertson


Judy joined HSVC staff in September 2020 as an Adoption Counselor after a brief interruption in her working career brought about by

 the pandemic. She is a long-time resident of Ojai and worked for decades as an administrative assistant at several Ventura County law firms and at a popular destination hotel in Ojai.

As a lifelong lover of all animals as well as a Humane Society supporter, Judy often pondered the possibility of working at HSVC, but the timing was never right. Then in the fall of 2020 and finding herself at a career crossroads and in need of a job, she responded to an employment post from HSVC and landed the job!

Judy is now working at a job she considers to be the most personally rewarding, with an added bonus that it is for an organization that is close to her heart and benefits its community endlessly. She loves finding caring homes for our furry friends at the shelter, lending a sympathetic ear to folks who have just lost a pet and making a positive impact in her community. And the best part? Snuggling with a puppy or kitty on a stressful day or spending her lunch break with a favorite dog pal.

Last but certainly not least, Judy is the adoring pet mom of two rescues, a 6-year-old white fluffy dog named J.D. and a 13-year-old cat named Oliver.

Adoption Counselor: Gaby Goldberg


Gaby has lived in Ojai since she was ten and loves everything about it! She studied history in New York City at the New School for Social Research and received her certification from the Animal Behavior College to be a Veterinary Assistant. Gaby has worked in two of the veterinary clinics in the Ojai Valley and has been working part-time as a pet sitter over the past four years. She currently has one dog, which she rescued from the Humane Society of Ventura County, but she has also had many cats and dogs over her lifetime. She really knows what it takes to be a dedicated pet parent of a rescued family member!


Kennel Attendant: Emily Massey










Kennel Attendant: Aiden Holcomb










Kennel Attendant: Jessica Tucker



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