Shelter in Need of Large Cat & Kitten Kennels


The cats and kittens of the Humane Society of Ventura County need your help! Shelters everywhere are finding themselves filled to the brim with young cats and kittens, often more cats then they have room for. Here at the shelter we are facing that very problem this summer.

Though we are fortunate to have both a lovely cat and kitten room where cats can roam freely both indoors and outdoors, there are many situations where cats may need some space of their own. For instance nursing mothers, young fragile kittens, cats who have not yet been spayed or neutered, cats who are recovering from an illness or surgery, and timid or shy cats are just a handful of situations where the free roaming rooms are not safe or appropriate for them. 

Because of this we are in need of large cat kennels while these felines transition into the cat rooms or go straight to their forever homes. On average a cat kennel runs around $100 and we are in need of 4-5 for our lobby to house the cats being brought to the shelter. These kennels allow us to safely monitor the cats and kittens health and behavior, especially when they first arrive. It supplies a safe area for nursing mothers to care for their young, and an area away from harm for these tiny kittens.

By donating today you can help make room for more cats and kittens who are at the shelter waiting for their forever homes.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE <--Make sure to put CAT KENNELS in the notes!

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