Shelter Dogs Enjoy a Day at the Beach!

As summer begins, the beaches become one of the most popular spots in Ventura County, making it the perfect place to show off some of our shelter dogs!

Sundays are beach days for the dogs at the Humane Society of Ventura County. Each week volunteers bring 5 to 6 lucky pups to the beach in Ventura and let them enjoy the sun and surf. This program was started by Animal Ambassador Sue and her husband Alex and has become a weekly treat for the shelter dogs.

This beach walk program is aimed at helping our dogs get out of the shelter and show just how amazing they are, especially dogs who have been at the shelter for some time. The program has seen many adoptions and helps the dogs with socialization and manners. The dogs get to walk along the beach before they take a stroll through Ventura Harbor Village. These friendly guys and gals always draw a crowd, so if you are even in the area around noon to 3pm on a Sunday, search for the yellow Adopt Me vests and leashes to say "hello".

Thank you to Sue, Alex, Louie, Sharon and all the volunteers who have participated both past and present for bringing dogs to the beach every Sunday. If you are interested in joining our volunteer program or want to know more about the Sunday beach visits, please contact Amanda Volden, Volunteer Coordinator, at (805)646-6505 x110 or by email at [email protected].


Thank you to Sue Siebenthal for the photos.

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