Severe Heat Warning! Temperatures Are Hotter Than They Seem!

As summer temperatures continue to soar, it is important to remember that pet-friendly surfaces are often much hotter than they seem. Even cooler days can be potentially hazardous to your furry friends. To prove it, our staff used a heat gun to take the temperature of common surfaces around our property in Ojai. The results are shocking!


These photos were taken on Tuesday, June 29th, when the temperature outside was 84 degrees. According to our heat gun, the temperature of the sidewalk on this day was 120.7 degrees (above left). The temperature inside a car in the sun with the windows down was a staggering 142.1 degrees (above right). 

We also took the temperature of a truck bed in the parking lot of our shelter (above). This was the hottest temperature of any surface we tested that day at a whopping 167.1 degrees! 

With the 4th of July weekend just around the corner, we urge pet owners to make sure their pets have easy access to cold water, shade, and air-conditioned spaces when possible. Avoid going for walks on hold surfaces including cement, pavement, sand, etc. NEVER leave your pets in a locked car or truck bed. These tips will help you beat the heat with your animals this summer.

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  • Amy King
    published this page in Latest News 2021-06-30 10:59:36 -0700