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Sequoia Needs Your Help!

In the world of animal sheltering, rescue, and adoption a dog who has been at a shelter for long-term becomes a part of the family. Such is the case with Sequoia, who is currently the longest dog resident at the Humane Society of Ventura County at nearly 18 months. With plenty of time to get to know her, Sequoia is without a doubt a very special dog who has made her way into the hearts of staff and volunteers. With courage and bravery, Sequoia has retained her lust for life and greets each day with the hope of finding her forever home.

Recently Sequoia has encountered a setback that required surgery on her hind leg. Sequoia tore her ACL and on the morning of October 10th went in for surgery. While Sequoia is safely back at the shelter, her anticipated recovery will take up to 8 weeks. During the coming weeks Sequoia will need to be kept quiet and calm and visitors will be limited to keep her from getting overly excited. Sequoia will be medicated during this time and will be heavily monitored by staff. 

On behalf of Sequoia, staff, and volunteers here at the shelter we wanted to thank you all for your concern and support for Sequoia over the past few weeks. We are also incredibly grateful to the staff at VetSurg in Ventura who have taken such wonderful care of Sequoia during this time. 

Over the past year and a half that Sequoia has been in our care she has become more than just a guest but a part of the family. Many of you have asked how you can help and right now we are all gathering our resources to cover her medical expenses. At the moment Sequoia’s medical bills are close to $5000. Please consider making a donation today!





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