Senior Pets and Seniors


A senior pet is the perfect companion for a senior citizen! Pet owners know that their furry companions improve the quality of their life. Not only do pets give us unconditional love, they provide a wellness boost too! 

On an emotional level, pets improve our lives by decreasing depression, stress and anxiety, which in turn, lowers our risk of heart attacks and strokes. Studies have shown that petting a dog or a cat lowers our blood pressure and our heart rate decreases. In addition, having a pet gives us a feeling of being needed by someone and helps rid us of feelings of loneliness. A dog or cat's need for social interaction and exercise encourages us to move our bodies and to be active by going outside for a nice stroll in the park or around the block. Pets are also great conversation starters in public situations. Most people are naturally drawn to talk to, or smile at, someone with a friendly dog on a leash. Let's face it, who can resist smiling or laughing at the silly antics or behaviors our pets have. Laughing and smiling are one of the best medicines.

Although puppies and kittens are cute, adult and senior pets are already trained, and are past the playful stage. They are often just as happy to have a human companion who will sit with them, relaxing on the couch, giving them a nice scratch behind the ears.

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