Rescue Dog Bandit Needs Your Help!


THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Bandit's fund over the past few days! Our supporters raised nearly $1000 to help cover the care crucial to get Bandit well again. 

We still have $1000 more to go and are confident that we can get this amount together through the support of our community. Please follow the link to make a donation and make sure to put BANDIT in the notes-every little bit counts!

If you missed last weeks Five Dollar Friday please see below for Bandit's full story:

Bandit needs your help! After years of neglect, Bandit is finally getting his second chance to live a happy and healthy life. On Wednesday, May 25th, Bandit was rescued in the field alongside another dog by a Humane Officer. Bandit was found in extremely poor condition and without the use of his back legs. According to his previous owner, Bandit had been in this condition for nearly three years. These years of neglect had worn down the fur and flesh on his back legs from dragging them behind him for so long. It was obvious that immediate medical care was required.

Bandit has since been tended to by a local veterinarian and though the situation is grim, Bandit has the possibility of a bright future with your support. The chance of Bandit ever using his back legs again is highly unlikely, but there is hope in the shape of a specially tailored wheelchair to fit his condition. We are asking our supporters to help us raise $2000 to help cover his care and give him the gift of mobility once again!

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