Record Adoptions On Clear The Shelter Day!


Photos by: Greg Cooper, Claudia Figueiredo, and Dougal Brownlie

Last weeks Clear The Shelter Adoption event was a huge success! On Saturday, August 15th, 19 animals (9 dogs and 10 cats) found their forever homes. A very special thank you to NBC News for orchestrating this wonderful event. Over 18,000 shelter animals found homes across the nation!

Thank you to ALL our volunteers and staff who helped show off our dogs and cats and assist customers in over 100 degree heat. Thank you to Debby and Ed who stopped by bright and early to drop off two shade canopies, water, drinks, ice, and treats to keep all the staff, volunteers, and guests going throughout the day!

A very special thank you to our volunteer photographers Greg Cooper, Claudia Figueiredo, and Dougal Brownlie for bringing the whole studio down to the shelter to get amazing first portraits of adopted animals with their new families! Each of our adopters received a 8x10 print as a keepsake to remember this special day. We are all so grateful for your support and all you do to help animals in need!

We also had an anonymous donation the day before towards the adoptions! It included a brand new carrier, food, and other cat items for the first cat to go home. 

The day was a success for the HSVC but more importantly it was a huge success for shelter animals nationwide!


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