Rayna the Explorer

We are very excited to share a pupdate for sweet girl Osa! Formerly Rayna, this adorable Husky was one of six pups surrendered in the field to our Humane Officers in the Fall of 2021. She was the first of her litter to find her forever home with Jill and Mark at just 2-months-old.


According to new mom Jill, Osa adjusted to life in her new home quickly and the trio has been enjoying weekly adventures ever since.


"She has come such a long way, we go to a puppy class every Thursday, to the beach almost every evening, and have started to allow her to go off-leash at Elings Park. She is definitely a rascal and has re-landscaped our backyard and pond, but gets a little better every day!" said Jill.


Thank you, Mark and Jill, for giving our girl Osa the loving home she deserves!

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