Raising Awareness for Mushroom Poisoning: Thank You Riely and Isabelle!

The Humane Society of Ventura County would like to extend a big thank you to siblings Riely and Isabelle for donating $942 to our shelter in honor of their beloved dog who recently passed away after consuming a poisonous mushroom.

Riely and Isabelle recently went camping with their family and two dogs in Northern California. While on the trip, both dogs consumed a poisonous Amanita mushroom, more commonly known as a death cap or death angel. According to the VCA, this type of mushroom is extremely toxic to dogs and can cause life-threatening liver failure. Owners may be fooled by their pet’s lack of immediate distress, but severe gastrointestinal (GI) symptoms will start to occur within 6-24 hours after consumption. The animal will become jaundice, weak, lethargic, and even comatose. These mild GI symptoms can quickly progress into deadly liver failure in a matter of days if left untreated.

Unfortunately, one of their two dogs passed away after ingesting the poisonous fungi, while the other was hospitalized for five days and made a full recovery. To process their grief, Riely and Isabelle raised money for the HSVC to help other animals in need. With the assistance of their mother, the siblings held a fundraiser in their neighborhood asking for pocket change in honor of their lost loved one. Many neighbors, friends, and family members showed support and donated to the cause. In less than a week, Riely and Isabelle were able to raise a total of $942 to donate to the shelter.

In addition to their donation, Riely, Isabelle, and their family are hoping to raise awareness about the dangers of mushroom poisoning. Mushrooms can grow in wooded areas, grassy parks, and even your own backyard. It is very difficult to identify if a species of mushroom is poisonous. For the safety of your animals, it is best to assume that any wild mushroom you find could be a poisonous one. Patrolling your yard regularly and removing all mushrooms will help keep your curious pet safe at home. If your animal does consume a potentially poisonous mushroom, prompt treatment is critical. Immediately take your pet to your local veterinarian for assistance. For more information on mushroom toxicity and treatment options, visit the VCA’s website.

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