Putting Your Dog First - Avoid Hidden Dangers Around The Home


Our dogs are our best friends, we would do anything to keep them happy and protected. However, the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) received 199,000 cases related to potential poisoning of a family pet - an increase of 10% from 2016. Whether you are looking to become a part of the pet foster program or are adding a new dog to your family, you will need to make some changes to your home and lifestyle to ensure that you keep them safe and healthy. What products do you have at home that could poison your dog and what can you do to avoid putting your beloved pet at risk?

Be vigilant and remove the temptation

Most people are aware that chocolate and caffeinated drinks are highly toxic for dogs due to the chemical methylxanthine. Most owners, though, are vigilant and understand that there are many household items that can harm dogs. These include some food items, human medication and household cleaning products. Shockingly, it is human medication, year on year, that is the most common cause of reported dog poisoning. Pet Poison Helpline lists many medications that could harm your pet, including the common household medication ibuprofen. If you ever drop any medication, it is essential that you find it before your dog does. Cleaning products containing ingredients like chlorine, bleach and ammonia can have cause issues for your dog too.

First Aid for your Dog

If you have a dog or other pet living with you, you should have a pet first aid kit. Whilst these are available to buy from many pet supply stores, it is easy to make your own by gathering a few simple items. Your first aid kit should include all the paperwork for your dog, emergency contact numbers for your veterinarian, bandages that don’t stick to fur and a pet carrier. It is also advisable to have a basic first aid kit containing disposable gloves, antiseptic wipes, petroleum gel and a pet thermometer. However, in the event that you think your pet may have ingested any poisonous substance, contact your vet or the pet poison helpline immediately for advice.

Reduce the risk

There are many environmentally friendly products that you can use around the home that are pet friendly. These products avoid the use of toxins that can cause harm to your furry best friend. There are also natural alternatives such as vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice that are effective at cleaning and will cause no harm to your pet. There are other measures you can take too - keep your dog out of the room when you are cleaning the floors and ensure that all cleaning products are stored out of the dogs reach.

Photo by Gulyás Bianka on Unsplash

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