Pupdate: Six-Weeks-Old and Growing Fast!

This rambunctious bunch is officially 6-weeks-old! They are becoming very independent, which means Mama Juliet is finally able to enjoy some much-needed "me time". Juliet's puppies spend each day exploring their surroundings, wrestling with their siblings, and napping after a long day's work of being adorable. Each pup is also now eating both wet and dry food four times a day. They are growing so fast!

Please note that though Juliet's litter is growing rapidly, they are still NOT AVAILABLE for adoption at this time and will not be for several more weeks. We will NOT be accepting any applications for the puppies until they are made available. They will not be made available until they are at least 8-weeks-old, fully weaned, and fixed.
Additionally, we ask that those interested in applying in the future consider how much work a puppy can be. These puppies are not potty trained, will chew anything they can get their paws on, and require constant supervision. However, with training and structure, we are confident each pup will grow into the fantastic dog they are destined to be!

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