Pupdate - Aria's Litter is 8-weeks-old!

We cannot believe these cuties are 8-weeks-old already! Aria's puppies are growing up to be friendly, sweet, and like most puppies, destructive! They love to chew on anything they can get their teeth on, potty wherever they please, and do not understand personal space. While they are still NOT AVAILABLE for adoption, we hope those interested in adopting with us understand the responsibility of bringing a puppy home. They are a lot of work!


Above left: Handsome boy Lyric is the spitting image of his mama! Above right: Harper looks like a rockstar on her purple zebra blanket.

Aria is such a good mama! Like most mamas, she definitely enjoys her "me time" when she gets to relax in a play yard by herself. We don't blame you, Aria!


Above left: Harmony has developed such a spunky personality! She loves to wrestle with her siblings and jump on laps. Above right: Rhythm is a gentle boy and just wants to snuggle.

What's better than puppy kisses? Three-way puppy kisses! This rowdy litter sure loves to play together in their play yard.

While Aria's puppies are now 8-weeks-old, they will not be made available until they are fully weaned and fixed. We do not have a waiting list and we will not be accepting any applications until the puppies are made available on our website. Those interested in adopting should continue to follow our weekly pupdates on social media and monitor our website at hsvc.org/adopt for when they are made available.


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