Pupdate: Aria's Puppies are now 10-weeks-old!

Aria's puppies are double digits! These cuties are now 10-weeks-old. They are each discovering their voices and getting increasingly difficult to take pictures of because they wiggle so much!

Mama Aria is doing well and enjoying quiet time away from her babies. Her favorite activities include belly rubs, belly rubs, and more belly rubs! If you are interested in adopting her, keep checking our website. She will be available for adoption soon!

Above: Harper is extremely friendly and loves to chew on her toys. She thrives when she gets attention, though she is not a fan of being held. She prefers to romp around her play yard and chase after balls!

Lyric (left) and Harmony (right) love to wrestle when they are not nappingĀ together. They are constantly seeking the attention of anyone who walks by their play yard. Don't worry, we promise these fur babies get lots of snuggle time with our staff and Animal Ambassadors!

Aria's puppies are still NOT AVAILABLE for adoption as they have not been fixed. We do not have a waiting list and we will not be accepting any applications until the puppies are made available on our website. Those interested in adopting should continue to following our weekly pupdates on social media and monitor our website at hsvc.org/adopt for when they are made available.

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