Meet your new best friend Zane! On August 01, 2015 Humane Society staff pulled 5 dogs from Ventura County Animal Services. One of those pups was this sweet little guy named Zane. Zane is a one year old male, buff colored Cocker Spaniel and is just as sweet as can be. 

Zane is still all puppy and loves to play! He gets very excited so it can be a little hard for him to concentrate at first but once he settles he loves to learn new things!

Zane has some behavioral quirks when he gets excited and will start chasing and barking at his own his back leg without warning. He does not "attack" it aggressively and never makes contact with his leg. If Zane is having one of his episodes you can get him to stop by getting his attention, it's just as easy as throwing the ball, his favorite thing in the whole world! It's possible that Zane's behavior is neurological and we are still in the process of determining what causes him to do this. 

Because he was transferred from another shelter we do not have any background information on Zane. He seems to be good with men and women and would do best in a home without small children. Zane would love your company! Please visit him today!

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