Pet of the Week - Mandy

Introducing Mandy! Mandy is quite easy to spot in our adult cat room with her beautiful coat. This 7 year old calico is a very laid back cat who just wants to sit beside you and relax. 

Mandy is litter box trained and doesn't mind other cats. She is fine with men and women, though we don't know how she is with children or dogs. Mandy enjoys catnip and laying out in the sun. Stop by today and be prepared to fall in love!

Cat adoptions will include the first FVRCP shot in the series, a leukemia test (if age allows), rabies vaccine, a medical exam good for up to three days from participating veterinarians, deworming, implanting an identification microchip (registration extra), spay or neuter surgery if necessary as well as a safety collar, ID tag, and a cardboard carrier.

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