Pet of the Week - Harley

Harley is a gorgeous 23-year-old Quarter Horse that came to the HSVC during the Maria Fire. After being in our care for a few months, her owner decided it would be in her best interest that she be signed over to us.

After Harley was seen by an Equine Veterinarian, it was determined that she has Navicular in both front legs. She will need to have shoes and wedges the rest of her life. Harley loves to please and is generally a happy horse, but she can be a bit bossy and protective of her corral. We feel that she would do best with an experienced handler that has dealt with horses with a strong personality. Harley will need lots of time and attention, but she will give you back lots of love in return. 

The fee for all horse adoptions is $200. Please note that we are not currently performing adoptions due to COVID-19. If interested in Harley or any of the animals currently in our care, please contact the shelter at 805-646-6505 or [email protected].

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