Parvo is a contagious virus mainly affecting dogs, and of course puppies are the most susceptible to the disease. Please take extra precaution if you have recently acquired a young dog. Please keep unvaccinated dogs out of public places until they have received all of their shots, spaces such as parks and sidewalks can be heavily contaminated. Parvo is a very resilient virus and can survive months if not years in the soil and even cement. 

Symptoms include lack of appetite, weight loss, stomach pain, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. Dogs with such symptoms should get immediate veterinary care.

Please protect your animals and don't wait to get them the proper shots needed to be strong and healthy. If you have a litter of puppies please do not separate them from their mothers before they are 8 weeks old as vaccinated mothers can pass maternal antibodies to their young to help ward off disease. If you have ANY questions or concerns about your dog and if they have the proper vaccinations please contact your local veterinarian. 

The HSVC hosts a Low Cost Shot Clinic on the first and third Saturday of each month. Please call Dr. Lewis Veterinary at 805-646-2442 for more information and pricing.

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