Pantry 4 Paws Expands Services Throughout the County


The Humane Society of Ventura County is excited to partner with Calvary Community Church - Westlake Village in Westlake Village for hosting a Pantry 4 Paws dog food pantry.

The Pantry 4 Paws program from the HSVC, aims to feed the dogs of homeless and under-served communities throughout the greater Ventura County. “Securing partnerships with organizations with a shared mission is vital the success of this program,” said Greg Cooper, Director of Community Outreach for the HSVC. “The outreach efforts of Calvary Community Church serves a tremendous population and we couldn’t be more excited to help,” Cooper continued.

An initial grant from Globalgiving Foundation covers the cost of all the supplies for the remote dog food banks, one ton of dry dog food and the cost of staffing to implement and sustain the program for up to two months.

For those who are interested in supporting the HSVC Pantry 4 Paws pet food bank, please drop off un-opened bags of dry dog or cat food to the Shelter, 402 Bryant Street. The HSVC Amazon Wishlist has been updated to include examples of requested food.

Pictured: Trish Carruth and Lynn Ericks from the Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village. 

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