Five Things You Should Know About Pack Walks

Our shelter pups love going on their daily pack walks just as much as our staff and Animal Ambassadors enjoy taking them! Pack walks have many benefits, and not just for shelter dogs! Check out these five tips if you are interested in hosting a pack walk in your neighborhood. 


  1. Meet at a neutral space - Many dogs can get territorial when they are in a familiar setting such as their own home or yard. Meeting in a neutral area like a nearby park will help alleviate the dog's need to protect its territory. 
  2. All dogs should be leashed - Your pup may stick by your side off leash, but not all dogs are as well trained. A successful pack walk requires all participating animals to be on a leash. We recommend a 6-foot non-retractable leash so each dog can stay evenly spaced out.

3. Keep your distance - One of the main goals of a pack walk is to get each dog comfortable around other dogs. Even the most reactive dogs can join as long as owners maintain a safe distance between each furry friend. This will help them feel safe and focused on the task at hand.

4. Consistency is key- Pack walks should be done consistently to maximize the benefits for each dog. If your dog is reactive, going on a single pack walk will most likely not break them of that behavior. Dogs, especially high-energy ones, need structure and consistency to help them become the best pup they can be!

5. Reward good behavior - Be sure to give your pups lots of praise if they do well on a pack walk! You can reward their good behavior with their favorite treats, which will help reinforce good behavior on pack walks in the future!

Keeps these tips in mind next time for a successful pack walk in the future!

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