Christina Won the Lotto with Otto!

HSVC Veterinary Assistant Christina won the cat lotto when she adopted sweet Otto! Five-year-old Otto came to the shelter with his littermates in October of 2014 to find new homes. According to Christina, the handsome orange tabby would always put his paw out for her to pet him every time she walked by. It didn't take long for Christina to know Otto was the kitty for her! 


"He was just so cute always sticking his paws out to play whenever I walked by, I knew I had to have him! He loves my Golden Retriever, Emma, and loves cuddling with his people at home," said Christina. Otto's favorite activities to do in his forever home include sleeping in the window on his cat tree, chatting with the birds outside his window, and snuggling with Christina and her family.

Thank you, Christina, for choosing to adopt not shop and rescuing Otto!

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