October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog Month!


October is Adopt-A-Shelter Dog month! All month long rescue organizations are busy bringing awareness to the special charms of shelter dogs and the perks of bringing one home. Dog rescue is good for you! You’ll be saving a life and greatly improving yours at the same time! Here are the top ten reasons to adopt a shelter dog:

  1. YOU ARE A REAL LIFE HERO. Millions of animals find themselves in the shelter system through no fault of their own. They are most often victims of circumstance such as death of an owner, divorce, moving, displaced by a new baby, or rescued from abuse or neglect. When you adopt you are not only saving a life but opening a space at a shelter for another animal in need. 
  2. YOU'LL GET A GREAT PET. Shelter animals often come already trained. They have experience from previous homes or were taught basic manners and training while at the shelter by caring staff and volunteers. 
  3. PETS ARE GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. It has been proven that pets will benefit you both emotionally and physically. Not only will a shelter dog get you out of the house for walks and more beach days they will also benefit you psychologically. They are all natural mood enhancers! Not to forget adopting a shelter dog is a big boost to your self esteem knowing that you've made a difference!
  4. SHELTER PETS ARE A DEAL. For a reasonable adoption fee, you can adopt an animal that would cost several hundred dollars elsewhere. Most adoptions include shots, microchip and spay/neuter surgery, which can add up when taking care of these on your own. Throw in the prior socialization and basic manner training they received while at the shelter and you are getting quite a bargain!
  5. YOUR ARE PART OF THE SOLUTION. Adopting from a shelter means you are not supporting a mass breeding facility or backyard breeders and their often cruel practices.
  6. YOU ARE SUPPORTING A VALUABLE CHARITY. Many rescue organization are non profit facilities that offer many services to the community at reduced rates or even free of charge. Your adoption fee Is also paying for Humane Education programs, Spay and Neuter, Humane Investigations, Pet Food Banks, and more. 
  7. THE REWARDS. Shelter animals often “know” that they’ve been rescued. They will reward you with a lifetime of love and companionship. 
  8. YOU CAN FIND THE PERFECT FRIEND. Shelter dogs come in all shapes and sizes each with its own individual personality. Staff and volunteers work closely with each animal meaning that you can get a lot of information on them to help you choose the best fit!
  9. YOU SET AN EXAMPLE. When your friends ask where you got your amazing pet, you can tell them “at the shelter.” Your adoption may encourage others to do the same. 
  10. SHELTER DOGS ARE THE BEST! When you adopt a shelter dog you are making a best friend for life!

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