October is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month!


October is Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog month, and all month long shelters and rescue organizations are busy bringing awareness to the individual charms of shelter dogs and the perks of bringing one home. According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs and puppies enter shelters every year. By adopting your new best friend from a shelter, you will not only be giving an innocent animal a chance at a great life but significantly improving yours at the same time!

When you adopt from an animal shelter or rescue, you are becoming a real-life hero. Millions of animals find themselves in the shelter system through no fault of their own; they are most often victims of circumstances such as the death of an owner, divorce, moving, displaced by a new baby, or rescued from abuse or neglect. When you adopt, you are not only saving a life but opening a space at a shelter for another animal in need.

There are many ways to celebrate Adopt-a-Shelter Dog month. If you are not able to adopt, you can always help spread the word about the available animals and services that your local shelters or rescues have to offer. Share your posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and use the hashtag #AdoptAShelterDogMonth. Another way to help is through volunteering or by donating. No amount is too small to help an animal in need!

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