November is National Adopt-A-Senior Pet Month!


November is Adopt-A-Senior Pet month! Nationwide, rescues and shelters are celebrating the charms and perks of adopting a senior animal. Here at the Humane Society of Ventura County, we believe that age is only a number. Senior dogs will stay in our care until we find a permanent home, foster, or hospice situation. 

We believe in giving our senior friends a safe haven until they find their forever homes. We receive many senior animals who arrive at the shelter through no fault of their own. Seniors require special attention, often specific diets, medication, and veterinarian care. We monitor their behavior and both physical and mental health on a regular basis until a foster family or adopter is available to take them in. We have many wonderful programs that benefit seniors at the HSVC. Our dedicated staff and volunteers pay special attention to creating playgroups and planning field trips. 

There are many reasons to adopt a senior animal! Besides saving a life, senior animals often already know the basics. They are more often than not housebroken and have mastered many social behaviors. Seniors make great pets for someone who may be looking for companionship but do not have the energy to take care of a younger dog. 

If you are a senior yourself and thinking about adopting then we have the program for you! Though you can't put a price tag on love our senior to senior adoptions are discounted to $60. We hope that you will consider adopting a senior animal and truly make a difference in the lives of homeless senior animals!

PICTURED: Rue is looking forward to meeting his new family! Rue is a nine-year-old spayed Chihuahua mix who has been at the Humane Society of Ventura County since the beginning of July. Rue has a sweet little face, and she’s optimistic about her second chance to find a forever family.

The staff and volunteers are getting to know Rue, and she’s enjoying her days in the play yard. Rue would love to be adopted by a family who can give her a safe environment with lots of love. Being a little older, she's already gone through the puppy phase and she should adjust to a new routine pretty smoothly. Rue has lots of love to give, so stop by and ask to meet her if you are looking for a sweet companion to be by your side.

Included with every dog adoption will be the first DHLPP shot of the series, a rabies vaccine, a medical exam good for up to three days from participating veterinarians, implanting an identification microchip (registration extra), spay or neuter surgery if necessary as well as a collar, ID tag and a leash.

For dog adoptions, a yard check will be performed prior to adoption. In addition to adequate fencing and shelter, those wishing to adopt a pet must provide either proof of ownership of the residence or a rental agreement for that address indicating that pets are allowed.

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