Mountain Beach Glass


For over 85 years the Humane Society of Ventura County has relied on the generosity of our community to provide a safe haven for homeless animals. Local businesses have always been crucial to our success and the impact they have on the lives of needy animals is priceless.

Recently, Natalie Nebilak, owner and artist at Mountain Beach Sea Glass Company in Ventura, approached the Humane Society of Ventura County to offer her services to the shelter. Mountain Beach Sea Glass Company makes beautiful handmade sea glass jewelry and donates twenty percent of each purchase back to help animals in need. "At Mountain Beach Sea Glass Company, we believe that fashion should serve a purpose. Every purchase of our handmade sea glass jewelry benefits animals in need through donations to community shelters and non profit organizations. Our esthetic combines an upbringing in the mountains with a new life by the beach and is created with genuine sea glass that was picked up at our local beaches in Ventura County," says Nebilak of Mountain Beach.

We encourage anyone interested in supporting not only your local shelter but a wonderful local business as well to visit Mountain Beach Sea Glass Company online at




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