Milo Meets His Best Friend

Tiana first laid eyes on Milo in September of 2017 after a friend had sent her his photo and information from the HSVC website. She got to meet the sweet pup the following weekend at an HSVC hosted adoption event and fell in love with his calm demeanor. It didn’t take long to decide that he was the one for her.


Tiana brought Milo, formerly Rusty, home that night and he cuddled right into her lap. According to Tiana, they were bonded from the very beginning. Fast forward three years later and the pair is still the best of friends. “He's got a quirky personality and he brings so much joy to my life. I like to tell him every day what a handsome boy he is! In the last few years we've been on countless walks at the beach, dressed up together for Halloween, hung out at breweries, and lots of visits to friend's houses,” said Tiana.

Thank you, Tiana, for choosing to rescue Milo!


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