Loving Life on the Ranch: Archer Update

Archer the rescue horse is loving life on the ranch! Thanks to the dedication and care from his horse mama, Danielle Brinkman, our boy is happy and healthy in his new home.

In October of 2018, Humane Officer Winwood responded to a call regarding two emaciated horses at a property in Camarillo. Upon arrival, Officer Winwood found Archer and Hero in dire need of help. The two horses were soon impounded into the custody of the Humane Society of Ventura County.

Archer was examined by Dr. Marta Granstedt. She scored the severely emaciated horse a 1 out of 9 on the Henneke Scale. Farrier Stacy Hyatt inspected Archer’s hooves and found a nail embedded in the soft tissue of his old shoes. After some time at the shelter and thanks to the dedicated care of the HSVC staff, Archer made a full recovery from his condition. He was adopted into his forever home almost exactly one year after arriving at the shelter.

Five months after his adoption, Officer Winwood was able to visit Archer at his new home. His new horse mama, Danielle Brinkman, is still as in love with Archer as she was the day she adopted him. Archer is now residing at Riverview Ranch in nearby Meiners Oaks. His new owner Danielle lives very close and is able to visit him almost every morning before she leaves for work. Danielle has gotten to know Archer’s quirks and fiery personality very well. “It’s been super therapeutic for me,” says Danielle, “He’s like my best friend.”

There is no shortage of love for Archer at his new home. He is actually quite spoiled, according to his owner. Archer gets fed three times a day and gets weekly training sessions. He also has his own chiropractor and even a massage therapist. The people that work closely with Archer credit Danielle for his continued improvement. Kathe Hanson, Archer’s certified animal massage therapist, has been working closely with both Archer and Danielle since the horse’s arrival to the ranch. “She’s a sport. She does everything she possibly can to make sure he gets where he needs to be. She’s a very special person,” says Kathe.

As for Officer Winwood, she could not be happier with Archer’s adoption. She was determined to find Archer the perfect home after he became available for adoption. “It was going to take the perfect person for Archer. Someone who was able to give him the right amount of time and attention that he needs. Danielle is that, she is his perfect person,” Officer Winwood said.

We are happy to see Archer so happy, healthy, and loved in his new home. Congratulations to Officer Winwood, Danielle, and all other staff, friends, and loved ones involved in making Archer a true success story!

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