Looking Good Little Man!


Can you even believe this is the same dog!? Little Man was brought to the shelter last Friday in extremely poor condition. He was so matted that his collar was permanently stuck in his fur. Once Little Man was checked into the shelter, Assistant Kennel Manager Tina drove him directly to Puff N Fluff Pet Grooming in Meiners Oaks for a complete makeover. When Tina brought little Man back to the shelter that afternoon we barely recognized him!

Little Man is a 3 year old miniature Poodle and Cocker Spaniel mix who is waiting patently at the shelter for his forever home. While we have no formal background on this handsome pup he has so far done great with everyone he has met including other dogs. After his neglectful past Little Man will need a loving home to make him part of the family. If you are interested in becoming a hero for this sweet dog please stop by the shelter at 402 Bryant St in Ojai for a visit!

Thank you to Jessica and Lee at Puff N Fluff for doing such a great job grooming Little Man. He looks fabulous!

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