Local School Helps Animals In Need


Thank you to Brandon Morales and Los Primeros School Of Sciences & Arts in Camarillo for their wonderful donations to help animals in need! 

Brandon's family dropped off all these donations while getting their photo at this past Sundays Santa Paws event. Brandon and his family adopted a wonderful dog, Skooby, from us last year. The experience inspired him to start his own Humane Society Club at his school. We received this wonderful email and photo from Brandon yesterday to go along with the donations. We hope that you will find Brandon's kindness and generosity as heart-warming as we do!

"Hello, my name is Brandon Morales. A year ago I got the best dog in the world, and his name is Skooby. After having Skooby I could not stop thinking about the other animals that stayed there for almost their whole life without a family to love and take care of them. I wanted to give them hope that they would find a good home and people who love them as much as you guys do. I started a club at my school and it is called The Humane Society Club. We had our first donation week. As you can see it was a success. Our school name is Los Primeros School Of Sciences and Arts"

Brandon Morales
Leader Of The Humane Society Club

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