Lexie - Fuzz Ball of Love!


Lexie is a docile, female, sable Pomeranian. She is 3 years old, and she has been at the HSVC since Feb 23, 2015. Lexie is not your typical Pom! When she came in to the HSVC she was scared and would bark at everyone. After a lot of love from staff and volunteers, she is now quite polite and quiet.

Lex is a little shy at frist, but willingly accepts handling. She is a princess on the leash and walks perfectly at your side and at your pace. Lexie knows her basic commands, and is very obedient, especially if she is working for treats! Lexie loves people, and will let you hold her, but she is shy to ask to be on your lap. (Where she knows she belongs) Lex is an absolute doll! Come meet her today!

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