Kuranda Cat Tree Fundraising Campaign

Kuranda Cat Tree Fundraising Campaign

Recently the Humane Society of Ventura County held a fundraising campaign to upgrade all of the cat-friendly furniture inside our indoor and outdoor Cat and Kitten Rooms at the Shelter in Ojai.

We partnered with Kuranda USA in helping outfit the cat areas with their Cat Towers which are heavy duty, stylish and can be disinfected.

Thanks to your support, we completed the campaign in receiving all the needed Cat Towers. The cats in our care are enjoying the new ‘furniture’ with cat-like enthusiasm… sleeping. The staff, volunteers and yes, the cats are all greatly appreciative of your efforts and to Kuranda USA for supplying such incredible products. This is the second time the HSVC has partnered with Kuranda through their ShelterBeds Donation Program. Again, thanks to your support, we outfitted all of our dog kennels and day yards with new Kuranda dog beds late last year.

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