Kelli was Born to Herd Sheep!

Seven-year-old Kelli was adopted from the Shelter in April of 2015 by HSVC staff member Heather Rowe. The adorable Border Collie was just 8-months-old when she was brought to the HSVC as an owner surrender. Due to the situation she came from, Kelli was very fearful when meeting new people. Heather decided to foster Kelli to help her conquer her fears, and it didn't take long for the pup to become a "foster fail." She has been living happily with Heather ever since!

Heather took Kelli to socialization classes soon after adopting her. The smart pup graduated into the “advanced” class and quickly learned Rally Obedience, a dog sport based on obedience training

True to her Border Collie nature, Kelli also had a high prey drive. She needed something else to occupy her endless energy. In searching for such activities, Heather discovered what Kelli was meant to do - sheepherding! Rachel Maness at On The Lamb Herding helped Kelli reach her full potential as a herding Border Collie. What a perfect hobby for such high energy pup!

Thank you, Heather, for taking in Kelli and giving her the loving home she deserves!


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