Keiro and Kerry are a Perfect Match

Kerry adopted Keiro, formerly Carol, in late August of 2019. After having to say goodbye to his two beloved 16-year-old cats, Kerry was sure he wasn’t going to get another cat anytime soon. It wasn’t until his daughter, Jessica, sent him a picture of a sweet tabby kitten at the HSVC that he considered adopting again. The kitten, Carol, shared the same name as Kerry’s late wife who passed away in 2016. Kerry took it as a sign and decided to bring the sweet kitten home.


“Well, my heart melted when I saw her and the next morning I was at HSVC getting her ready to come home with me. We bonded instantly when she came up to me in the cat room and cuddled my feet,” said Kerry.

Kerry has been retired for seven years, which means he and Keiro have lots of time to spend together. Keiro likes to go outside on her leash, take rides in the car, and travel in Kerry’s motor home. One of Keiro’s favorite activities is to to sit in her mesh tent in the backyard to bird watch every morning.


“We have been keeping each other company for the last four months during the lockdown and I am forever grateful for her coming into my life,” said Kerry of his time with Keiro. We are grateful Kerry and Keiro found each other. Thank you Kerry for rescuing this sweet girl!

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