Justice For Sadie Mae!


Congratulations to Sadie Mae and our Humane Officers who had a big win in court today! Sadie Mae, a 10 year old Thoroughbred Mare, was seized in the field and brought to the shelter on September 9, 2014 after being found in severely poor condition. It took nearly 19 months for Sadie May to get justice for the neglect committed against her

Defendant, Armando Rubio, pled guilty for violating California Penal Code: Animal Welfare Provision, Section 597(b). CLICK HERE to see the code in its entirety.

In summary, the main terms are:

1) 20 days jail/work release
2) 36 month’s probation
3) Restitution to Humane Society
4) Search terms
5) Must not own, possess, control touch or work with any animals.
6) Forfeit the animal in question to the Humane Society

A huge thank you to everyone involved in this case, the officers who rescued her in the field, the District Attorney's office, and Deputy District Attorney Manesha Vadgama for all your hard work!

Every day our Humane Officers receive calls from concerned citizens about animals in our community who need help. Often times these calls lead to exposing serious acts of animal neglect and abuse. Animals may be sheltered in our care for prolonged amounts of time while their case goes through the courts. If you are interested in supporting the care of these innocent animals CLICK HERE to make your tax-deductible donation today!

Stay tuned for more details on Sadie May and her future availability!

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