Juliet's Puppies Celebrate Their 1st Birthday!

Happy 1st birthday to Mama Juliet's litter! Many followed the story of Juliet and her 13 adorable puppies after they were born on Easter Sunday in 2021. One year later, the pups and their new families celebrated their special birthday with a doggie family reunion! 

The plan for a birthday reunion was hatched after connecting through a Facebook group for the owners of Juliet and her puppies. In addition to Mama Juliet, four of her puppies attended the 1st birthday reunion: Loki (formerly Cornelius), Daisy (formerly Rosalind), Loki (formerly Puck), and Cornelius.

Above: Daisy observes her surroundings as sweet boy Loki snuggles up with his family.


Above left: Juliet strikes a pose with her parents Janis and Michael. Above right: Lorenzo sits with his new Dad, John, next to Mama Juliet. 

Mama Juliet was transferred to the HSVC through our friends at Kern County Animal Services. She was very pregnant at the time of her transfer and gave birth to her 13 puppies shortly after arriving at our shelter. 

Above: Daisy, formerly Rosalind, was the runt of Juliet's litter. As you can see, she is not the runt anymore! This pretty girl has grown up to be a gorgeous and lovable German Shepherd mix. 

Above: Good boy Lorenzo hit the jackpot when he was adopted by Breena, John, and Angeliese! Fun fact: he is also one of the only pups to keep his shelter given name. 

Above: Loki, formerly Puck, was a favorite amongst our shelter staff for his sweet dark face and fluffy body. We are not surprised he grew up to be so handsome! 

Above: We love proud dog dads! John (left) and Micheal (right) pose with their fur children, Lorenzo (left) and Juliet (right).

Above: Loki looks so different than his mama! The pair of pups proudly sit for a photo with their parents Janis and Michael (left) and Karrie (right).

Thank you to all the amazing families who organized and attended this fantastic birthday reunion! It warms our hearts to see Juliet and her puppies in such loving homes. If you have adopted one of Juliet's puppies and would like to connect with their siblings, please contact Media and Marketing Coordinator, Amy King, via email at [email protected] or DM us on Facebook.

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