Jerry the German Shepherd Gets a Second Chance

Jerry the German Shepherd has finally gotten his second chance. Four months after being rescued and taken to the HSVC, Jerry has learned what it is like to be a happy, healthy dog thanks to the help and dedication of our staff, volunteers, and Humane Officers.

On October 31, 2019,  Senior Humane Officer T. Vail and Humane Officer K. Winwood-King responded to a call of animal neglect. On arrival, they found a German Shepherd dog in a back yard filled with trash and debris. No food, water, or shelter was available for him. The dog was so emaciated that every rib, back, and hip bone was visible. 

Officers removed the dog from the yard and transported him to Ojai Village Veterinarian Clinic where he received a thorough examination by Dr. Sallen. It was determined that the dog was severely malnourished and deprived of food and water. After his examination, the dog was brought to the Humane Society of Ventura County. He was given the new name, “Jerry”.

Vail (above) recalls the day of the rescue. While loading Jerry into the rescue van, he licked the side of her face as to say, “Thank you”. From that moment on, she knew she had to do everything in her power to find Jerry the perfect forever home.

Throughout the next four months at the shelter, Jerry slowly began putting on weight. He went through behavior training on a regular basis with Vail. Jerry has learned to enjoy socializing on trail walks with other dogs from the shelter. He loves chasing his ball around and lounging in his kiddie pool (above).

Assistant Kennel Manager Victor Barrios (above) played a key role in Jerry’s care. He’s shown here giving Jerry a bath.

Volunteer Ambassador Linda Duval (above) has grown close with Jerry as well. Thanks to Vail’s behavior training sessions, Jerry has learned to wait for his ball to be thrown before running after it.

We are happy to report that on March, 2, 2020,  Jerry was adopted by a wonderful couple handpicked by Vail. “I was very impressed by the bond that developed with Jerry’s new adopters. I knew it was a great match judging by their patience and several visits to the shelter in order to gain Jerry’s trust and acceptance,” says Vail. Jerry’s new adopters say Jerry is adjusting well in his new home. “He interacted with other dogs and neighbors very well. He super adorable and well behaved already”.

Thank you to everyone who believed in Jerry and his recovery and to his new family for rescuing him!

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