Jeremy Makes a Lasting Impression


Chelsea could not be happier with her four-legged soulmate, Jeremy. She originally visited the shelter to meet a specific cat she saw on our website. However, after meeting the cat, Chelsea realized she wasn't quite the right fit for her home. Unsure and a little discouraged, Chelsea sat on the floor of our cat room to reevaluate her situation. That's when Jeremy, a gorgeous female diluted torie, emerged from the top of her cat tree and immediately sat in Chelsea's lap. The rest is history!


"Since then, Jeremy has proven herself to be my absolute soul mate and mirror. She’s weird like me, vocal-like me, and matches me in every way. Without HSVC I wouldn’t have my partner in life, my girl Jeremy," said Chelsea. Sometimes the animal really does choose you!

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  • Humane Society of Ventura County
    published this page in Success Stories 2023-05-22 15:20:32 -0700