Humane Society Rescue Team


Yesterday the Humane Society of Ventura County Animal Emergency Rescue Team went back out into the field to try to track down two horses who had been spotted out in Trancas Canyon in Malibu earlier this morning. Another horse from the same property had been rescued a few days ago by the Humane Society and staff hiked back nearly 2 miles into the canyon searching for the other two horses to no avail. With heavy hearts, staff turned around and hiked back out of the canyon to let the owner know that his horses could not be found.

About an hour later our team received a phone call from the owner who had just been informed that his horses had been picked up earlier by another rescue group and were at Ventura County Fairgrounds being cared for by Ventura County Animal Services. As you can imagine, our rescue team was beyond relieved to receive the good news!

While the organization or individual who rescued the two horses is still unknown, we would like to thank you for a job well done! Thank you as well to Ventura County Animal Services for taking them in and providing them with the care they need.







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